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Our video production portfolio

Creating video and film content for a variety of purposes.

Video portfolio

Video production


Hair product social media video

A super-short snippet-style advert showcasing Batiste's Original Dry Shampoo. Model: Cath Hellings!

BornBound Cycling

Cycling video for BornBound

BornBound Triathlon

Triathlon Clothing Brand

Climate Tech Council

Events coverage and highlights

The ClimateTech Council (worth approx £1.2bn) is a group of ClimateTech founders and investors, who meet to discuss the future of technology in the world of climate change.

Course material

ilashHero make beuty products used by clinicians, and they run training courses to teach clinicians how to perform procedures correctly. We created over 60 videos which are used as part of their training courses.

Digital content

TedCas created the "TedCube", a product which could recognise voice and arm movement, giving surgeons full control over a computer, without needing to de-scrub.
We filmed and photographed their product.

The Prime Clinic

Creating educational material for an online sports psychology course, and filming over 500 exercise videos for clinical use.

Digital content and marketing

Managing digital marketing on Facebook and Google. Creating photos and videos for marketing and educational purposes.

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